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About Segbay software & APPs

Based on 15 years of ebay power buyers and sellers, segbay software and app's is the best solution to find what new items were just listed on ebay matching users search parameters, categories, price range and more.


Segbay automates users searches to run frequently in minutes intervals checking the newly listed items on ebay and presenting it to the user in the best way to execute an immediate purchase of the items within the search criteria


SegbayXp APPs are available for 30 days free trial, downloadable from itunes, google and amazon APP stores. Thought ebay started as a pure auction site, more items today are listed in the Buy it Now buying option. If you are looking for a specific item within a specific price range condition and location, segbayxp APP's are the best solution to alert you when new items were just listed on ebay.


Segbay APP's provide the BEST ALERT for NEWLY LISTED ITEMS on EBAY.


SegbayXp APPS are best used by collectors of Art, Coins, Memorabilia, Electronics, computers, cameras, cellphones, Toys & hobbies, Motors, Cars, entertainment tickets and fashion items.


About SegbayPRO;

Designed for the professional power buyers of ebay, Segbaypro Web & APP software will give the surplus electronics buyers, Trade Collectors of all kind, the ultimate edge to find items seconds after they are listed including all information needed by the buyer to execute a professional purchase.


SegbayPro and XP products are equipped with a bid sniper that will automatically place user best bid within the last second before the Auction ends.


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