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enter search parameters, keywords, categories, conditions, Use Preview results to refine parameters, see completed listings, sold items etc Once search results are displayed on screen, search parameters can be altered, than click Preview again to view the new results. To obtain best search results, selecting the proper categories and sub-categories is important. i.e. searching for iphone 5 will display iphones & accessories,Selecting category "cellphones & accessoried" than sub -category "cellphones & smartphones" will bring best results. Once done, narrow your price range to the desired buying range. When using all other filter components remember that the best way of selecting the correct filters responding to your items is by looking at the Preview or completed items. (ie-selecting item conditions as "USED" will only bring used items results, in some cases sellers do not display item conditions at all so if you select "used" you will miss all other items are listed. Once the INITIAL search is ran, look at the results, if interested execute a BUY or BID, if not, from now on the system will do the search for you and alert you only when NEW items are listed. ie- if 10 items are in initial results, after interval run (say 10 min) if the system finds 11 items, we compare the database, and if 10 listings are same as before and only 1 is new, HERE, this is the newly listed item and the system will alert you ONLY for the new one found.



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